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Time to get to know TDCR in the NEWS


Innovative Australian paytech partners with WhiteBIT, Europe's largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

In May 2022, the Digital Currency Reserve revealed its unique tokenized currency and asset management platform, as well as payments technology, with mass market implementation in Australia expected in early 2023. The platform, which offers one-of-a-kind solutions for security, compliance, and functionality, has now secured a partnership with WhiteBIT, Europe’s largest Cryptocurrency Exchange with offices in Australia, as a seamless tool for digital currency investments and efficient transfers – a critical feature for small businesses looking to incorporate crypto and digital currency into their operations.

The cutting-edge technology designed by TDCR CEO John Fenga is perfect for this relationship, “We are thrilled and happy to announce our partnership with WhiteBIT following meetings with the top european cryptocurrency exchange. In order to encourage consumers and businesses to accept tokenized digital currency as payment for products and services, we will jointly provide a unique product and a completely unprecedented technological service.”

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The unique TDCR platform will go live in January 2023, offering a global ecosystem of technology that connects a number of Regional Reserves under a strategic Global Aggregator with proven global security, regulatory, sales, service, and administration systems.


Consumers can open accounts, make online and mobile payments, and distribute funds to other TDCR members via the TDCR mobile app on the hybrid network.

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John Fenga – TDCR – Facilitating Faster, Cheaper, and More Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions

John Fenga is the CEO and founder of TDCR, which is launching a regulated, secure cryptocurrency payment rail that will facilitate faster, cheaper, and more secure cryptocurrency transactions to be accepted worldwide. With a career as a technology entrepreneur disrupting various industries that has spanned over nearly 30 years in Fintech, Healthcare and Entertainment, John has developed systems to assist organisations in gaining efficiency through adopting enterprise wide solutions streamlining the way they do business.


Labor’s Conroy in new crypto play

The former federal Communications Minister, who wants Australians to be able to buy a house with crypto, has become an advisor to a new platform that hopes to make it happen.

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