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Welcome to a unique


Payment Rail and

Management Platform.

CryptoCurrency has a new secure global payment network.

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TDCR in the News

Ticker News interview
4th May 2022

Start-up Daily interview 13th April 2022


The former federal Communications Minister, who wants Australians to be able to buy a house with crypto, has become an advisor to a new platform that hopes to make it happen.

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Labor’s Conroy in new crypto play

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How to use crypto to buy a house: TDCR cap raise I The Advertiser

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 8.54.00 am.png

The Digital Currency Reserve – or TDCR – has kicked off a $5m capital raise .

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TDCR aims to build out a platform that founder John Fenga says is aiming to become the Visa or MasterCard for crypto


"TDCR's payment rail addresses core crypto problems, invites the world to take part in a unique crowdfunding opportunity."


Aussie startup wants everyone to “cash in” on cryptocurrency in world-first transactions platform

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 10.14.03 am.png

Platform helping small businesses accept cryptocurrency transactions

The world made smaller

Customers, merchants, retailers, and a variety of other services will all be connected through TDCR.


Network access

The TDCR payment rail will serve as the backbone for all digital coin transactions between individuals or organisations, regardless of country.


TDCR accounts are held in a very secure data-storage service, with security levels comparable to those used to keep most government "top secret" material.

TDCR account

Customers of TDCR are given accounts with "Bank" characteristics.

24/7  Customer Service

By creating local reserves, you will have the ability to contact a local person to assist you 24/7.

Security .

When you transfer money from or to your bank account, you usually don't give much thought to the specific payment mechanisms involved. However, these payment systems–also known as "payment rails" in the financial services industry–are becoming increasingly important in our daily commercial transactions and personal matters.

A payment rail serves as the backbone for all digital money transactions from one person or organisation to another.

The purpose of TDCR is to create a technology platform that will allow users to open digital currency accounts both online and on mobile devices. It will also make it easier to make payments in the cryptocurrencies market. The purpose of TDCR is to become the first worldwide cryptocurrency payment rail that helps to regulates the market. TDCR is a network that will provide a variety of services.

TDCR is a network that will provide users with a new way to open accounts online or through the TDCR mobile app. Link physical TDCR debit cards, make online and mobile payments, and make in-country peer-to-peer payments to TDCR members and customers without having to convert back to a fiat currency.

we want to become number 1

$5872.89 billion

the payments industry value

10% Market share

Our two year goal


  • Our TEAM has the experience in the private sector as well as in government, law and banking to support and certify the adaptations to the platform that make it functional for cryptocurrencies. We are the new player in the disruption cycle. We’ve done it before, we’re doing it again.

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